• ZuzuKnight is a new type of game that rewards players with coin in our game, meaning players could play and earn on our system.
• ZuzuKnight allow players to take 100% ownership to the tokens, items or characters once they obtain them. Players can freely trade or exchange within the community.
• The system was created for fun gaming experience where players can fully enjoy the engagement of the playing, earning and growing within the community. Developer team also include system that avoid unhealthy inflation of Zuzu, this way players can breed new characters and sell them in the market with no hassle.
There are number of ways that players can earn from the game, with system that encourage community growth, players can enjoy the gameplay, collect and earn through exchange market. Those that gain experience from gaming will be rewarded both in-game and in tournaments. Apart from playing the game, those that picked up on drawing or creative skills can also earn from our many events.
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