Cards are the main feature in battle in Zuzuknight.
all players have access to use a base set of cards to play games. Additional cards may be obtained by purchasing gacha box ,purchasing cards from NFT-MARKET.
2 types of card
Free pocket
The status of this card is random.
Unique pocket
This card is limited.
These indicate requirement and abilities of the card, such as mana required to use the card, speed, element and the ability of the card.
There are 4 types of card rarity, each with different number of skills.
• Common - 1 skill
• Rare - 2 skills
• Legendary - 3 skills
• Cosmic - 4 skills
There can only be 10 cards in a deck, however, players can add the same type of card by leveling up that card type. This can be done through combining cards of the same level and type.
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