Official Zuzu Knight Whitepaper, last updated August 22, 2021
ZuzuKnight is a casual, card battle, turn-based game with gaming ecosystem built on Binance blockchain in which players could fully enjoy the fun and excitement of the NFT gaming experience .
The developer team aims to create ZuzuKnight to be one of the best games for casual, card battle, turn-based game enthusiastic.
ZuzuKnight built on the blockchain network of BSC smart chain, which requires players to use MetaMask digital wallet to get started. However, the team recommend using hardware wallet for all online transaction. To get started and create your MetaMask account, please visit their site at https://metamask.io Once the MetaMask wallet has been created or with existing one in hands, visit our website at www.zuzuknight.com then select play now to download ZuzuKnight on your device.
Players can earn by:
  • Competing in daily quest
  • Battle against Arena
  • Join Guild War
  • Exchange zuzu token to abc coin from other player
  • Exchange for Golden Crystal to receive incentive from trading fees
  • Competing Tower
  • Tournament
  • Special quest
  • Sell NFT market
  • Competing in daily quest to get Zud token
  • Top 100 in tournament to get Zud token
  • wwz(World war z)
  • zuzudex
We aim to create this game as another virtual adventurous universe where players can freely collect, trade, buy and sell items with the fun and enthusiast gaming experience. Players could enjoy the play-to-earn opportunities in short amount of time. Ultimately, we aim to develop and take ZuzuKnight to world tournament.
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